Sunday, 25 October 2015

Kew Gardens

One of the highlights of our trip to London was visiting Kew Gardens, it is the world`s largest collection of living plants plus it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

There was lots to see and do, we mainly walked through the gardens looking at the colourful flowers, interesting plants and lovely autumn trees.

The treetop walkaway was opened in 2008, this was one of the parts that I thought Alessio would enjoy. It is 18m high and 200m long, along the route is information about the trees which Alessio liked to read out loud.

We saw loads of squirrels and they were relatively tame considering how close I got to take photos of these cute animals.

We had our lunch here and Alessio got to play at the playground which was a good one. There are also many different buildings and statues to visit and look at, but the one we wanted to visit was closed for renovation Kew Palace.

We really enjoyed our short visit to Kew Gardens!

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