Monday, 26 October 2015


This weekend started off with a football match for Alessio on home ground in Wollishofen, which is very near considering I had to bring him for 7.45am! He was really excited to be playing a match, this was only his second match as he has had a break for 2 years of football playing. He played in the goalie for the first half. I will not tell the score as the they lost rather badly!!

After lunch we went into Zurich and tried to buy some Halloween stuff. I am having a party on Saturday so need a far bit of decorations and other bits and bobs. Sadly to say that Switzerland really sucks when it comes to Halloween stuff!

Sunday I had great plans to go to the Kinderzoo in Rapperswil, but Alessio for some reason did not want to go. So he busied himself with playing with his friend Alessia they went bike riding, football playing and playing with their Nerf guns!

While he was busy I enjoyed reading, watching some TV, sitting outside enjoying a coffee and cake!

Finally on Saturday I bought myself a plant, I am really not good when it comes to watering plants! I hope this one survives!

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