Monday, 9 November 2015

Weekend Happenings!

This weekend was quite a busy one including the Friday which I think was the busiest day of them all!

Saturday started off with another early football match for Alessio at 7.45am, the night before we were invited for dinner so therefore I was feeling a bit more tired than usual. The match was not a great success for his team and yet again I will not put up the score as it was worse than two weeks ago!

In the afternoon Alessio had a birthday party and I took advantage of the free time to pop into Zurich and get some Christmas presents for my family. As usual there was the flea market which will eventually go indoors when it gets really cold!

Sunday I went to see the new James Bond film Spectre, which is really very good! Beforehand I meandered around some parts of Zurich which I hardly ever see! The super weather we are having is just amazing considering it is November, so it was lovely to enjoy these areas of Zurich!

Hope you all had a great weekend! And a good start to the week!

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