Monday, 4 January 2016

December Reading

In December I managed to get through 6 books, which I was quite amazed about that. I doubt this will happen in January but you never know.

I brought back many books from Scotland, I went to loads of charity shops and filled my suitcase since here there are not so many options to buy cheap books.

First I read The Bat by Jo Nesbo this was his first Harry Hole book, but was not published in English until 2013. I am getting through his books but not in their correct order. As usual it was a great book and Harry Hole is a great character.

The Lewis Man by Peter May is the second in the trilogy. They are set in the Outer Hebrides and I would really like to visit these Scottish islands now. I have the next one to read and am looking forward to it.

NYPD Red 3 by James Patterson, this was an easy read and was finished quite soon. NYPD red protects the elite and wealthy people in NY, I have not read the others.

A Heart Bent Out Of Shape by Emylia Hall it is set in Lausanne which was one of the reasons I read it. I really enjoyed it a lot, about a young English girl going to college and meeting new friends, it is a drama with a little bit of crime.

Continuing with some more crime is Reykjavik Nights by Arnaldur Indriadason. This was an interesting book, Erlendur is a young policeman, not yet an Inspector as in the other books. It centres around two cases in which he feels they are connected to each other, a homeless man and a missing women. The names in the book reminded me of names from Lord of the Rings. I would certainly read more of these books and I would really love to visit Reykjavik too.

Finally another crime novel The Ghost Fields by Elly Griffiths, this is the latest installment with Ruth Galloway and DCI Nelson they discover a world war II plane with a body inside. I like this series very much, I like all the characters too.

What have you all been reading?

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