Friday, 26 February 2016

A Day in Brighton

We had a day trip to Brighton back in October when we were in London for nearly one week. We took the train and arrived around 11am, we headed straight to the pier area. It was actually really nice to see the sea and the sun shining down on it too. I

We walked around the promenade and stopped for lunch, then we visited the Pavilion, a former royal residence. We did not visit it and it did look a bit shabby, but it had lovely gardens.

Afterwards we stopped for coffee and cake, looked at the shops and bought some clothes for Alessio which he always likes!

Finally we headed back towards the train station and off back to London. I would say that I was not so impressed with Brighton to be honest (sorry). I think the highlight of the trip was seeing a squirrel running around the streets!

                                                 *             *          *          *          *

                                                    David Bowie in Mexico

                                                        *          *          *          *

                                         Fancy staying in a hotel featured in a movie!

                                                 *          *            *            *          *

                                             This new movie sounds good!

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