Monday, 8 February 2016

A Day In Lausanne

Back in September last year Alessio and I went to Lausanne for the day, the main reason for the  trip was to visit the Olympic Museum. We did that in the afternoon and I still have to put up a post about it. Once we arrived we made our way to the centre and that means walking a bit uphill, once up we headed to the cathedral and the streets around this area. We saw lots of lovely buildings, fountains, some small shops and nice views, although I not sure Alessio really enjoyed this part of the trip.

We then walked back down a different way and found a place to eat, which Alessio always likes to do! Then we headed towards the lake and the museum. Once we arrived at the lake, there was a huge playground and that made Alessio extremely happy!

In fact it was pretty dam hard to get him to leave so we could visit the museum. Once we finished with our visit we walked back to the playground before we headed up to the train station.

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  1. Looks fantastic! I’ve just discovered this blog and I think I’ll be inspired to find new travel destinations :) One thing we love as a Canadian expats in Switzerland is being at the very heart of Europe and having the mountains, gorgeous cities and so many beautiful countries with so much history around us.