Monday, 30 May 2016

European Football Friendly Match in St.Gallen

This weekend was quite the football one! On Saturday Alessio had a match which his team lost again, sadly and in the evening we watched the Champions League Final. On Sunday we went to St.Gallen to see the friendly match between Spain and Bosnia.

The match started at 6pm but beforehand we walked around the old part of the city for a short while. I had not been in St.Gallen for at least 10 years so it all new for me. The old part really looked lovely and would have liked to explore a bit more, but Alessio was not so keen. I anyway wanted to get to the stadium and get our seats.

We were in the Spanish section and it eventually got very busy but in general there were more Bosnian fans. Since the champion league final was played the night before with two Spanish teams their players were not going to be there, but I was really hoping to see the Barcelona players. Sadly they were also not present, but it was still a great match, really exciting.

This was only my second time at a football match and we both really liked the atmosphere and both sets of fans were very loud! Definitely would go again, both Alessio and myself want to see FC Barcelona play in Camp Nou. Not an easy task to do but will try for the next season!

Wishing you all a great week head!

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