Thursday, 18 August 2016

Pineapple Planation in the Azores!

I am back after the short blogging break from our trip to The Azores and Porto, lots of to tell about these places, but first up I will tell you about the pineapple plantation we visited.

On the island of Sao Miquel the biggest of all 9 islands there is a pineapple plantation on the outskirts of the capital town Ponte Deglada. We visited on a tour and the guides ( we went twice) were able to give us lots of information. The pineapples are cultivated in greenhouses as it is too cold to grow outdoors, from start to finish it takes 2 years to grow. Since it takes so long to grow they tend to be rather expensive, but believe you me they taste amazing!

I am not really a big fan of pineapples in general, but here they tasted so yummy! They just melted in your mouth and so sweet, really delicious! Alessio wanted to eat pineapples everyday and in fact de did, not to mention bring one back to Switzerland!

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