Friday, 4 November 2016

Ponte Delgada - The Azores

Our summer holiday this year was in 2 parts, first Alessio and I went to The Azores with my father and then secondly we had 4 days in Porto.

We spent one week on the main and biggest island of The Azores called Sao Miquel, the main town and capital being Ponte Delgada.

The Azores are an autonomous region of Portugal, the other being Maderia. An archipelago of 9 volcanic islands in the North Atlantic, they lie roughly 1,360km west of mainland Portugal.

I have wanted to visit the Azores for a long time and am really glad to have seen at least one of the islands. If we had had more time it would really have been great to visit a few of the other islands.

We had a great time and did 2 tours of the island which I will post about another time. Ponte Delgada is a pretty town, with the usual things to see and do. Lots of churches, museums, interesting buildings, parks and gardens.

We also did a whale watching trip and saw a couple of sperm whales, which was amazing to see. One of the main reasons I liked the Azores is that it doesn`t get really hot in the summer months. As I can`t stand it when it gets really hot!

We discovered that the Azores grow their own pineapples and they are really delicious, and would recommend trying to try one if possible. The white wine from here was also lovely as was the food!

You can`t fly direct to the islands but stopping off at one of the main Portuguese cities is a good way of breaking up the journey. I definitely recommend a trip here!

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