Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Balconies of Barcelona!

In January Alessio and I visited Barcelona for 4 days, we had a great time! We did visit and see a few things but one of the things I really enjoyed doing was walking around this great city.  Just being able to explore some areas and look at the buildings and in this case the balconies was fun!

Between the years of 12 to 15 I lived in Spain with my parents and for one of those year we lived in Barcelona. We then moved to Sitges down the coast not that far away. We lived quite near to La Sagrada Familia in a street called Calle Valencia. I wanted to go and see the flat where we lived, but could not remember the name of the other street. I asked my father and he mentioned a street which he thought it was. So we walked to the junction where both streets meet and I took a photo of the building which I think it was (the second last photo). When we lived there, underneath our flat was a bar and a kiosk. Of course these places are no longer there but hopefully I got the right place and I saw our old flat!

This weekend we are off to Milan with some other people, so looking forward to that!

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