Thursday, 21 September 2017

365 Photo Challenge Days 277 to 288

Day 277: Thursday 13th July - Spotted this cool van!

Day 278: Friday 14th July - Lake Zurich

Day 279: Saturday 15th - Goodbye party of Cori and Colin

Day 280: Sunday 16th July - Alessio on the trian

Day 281: Monday 17th July - trip on a boat

Day 282: Tuesday 18th July - Present from a parent

Day 283: Wednesday 19th July - Very much liked this travel book

Day 284: Thursday 20th July - Alessio at different ages

Day 285: Friday 21st July - Cupcake by Hannah Galli

Day 286: Saturday 22nd July - Fleamarket in Zurich

Day 287: Sunday 23rd July - Lunch time

This is a long week as I am working tomorrow, but on the bright side Alessio returns from his school sport camp!

I went to see the movie My Cousin Rachel which I enjoyed a lot. Otherwise did not do much except work! The weekend is almost here though, can`t wait!

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