Wednesday, 29 February 2012

365 Photo Challenge 339 - 347

Monday 23th January 2012 - Day 339

In Zurich just off the Bahnhoffstrasse.
Tuesday 24th Jan - Day 340

Art work from the kids at work!
Wednesday 25th Jan - Day 341

Walking in the Au penisula with the kids from work.
Thursday 26th Jan - Day 342

My birthday present from 4 lovely people Hannah, Marcus, Riikka and Charlotte! I just love True Blood and Eric of course!
Friday 27th Jan - Day 343

At work!
Saturday 28th Jan - Day 344

Some yummy food at home!
Sunday 29th Jan - Day 345

On the way to Basel to see some friends.
Monday 30th Jan - Day 346

The view standing at my car.
Tuesday 31st Jan - Day 347

The starting of the cold spell my poor car!
I have actually finished this 365 Photo Challenge and I am quite glad in a way, but it feels quite strange to not have to take a photo everyday.

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  1. Great blog. Zurich is one of my favorite cities.