Monday, 4 June 2012

Five Red Herrings

I read this book a while ago for the Vintage Crime Reading Challenge, as you may remember I chose to read 8 books with a colour in the title. I wanted to have 8 different colours but I have now read 2 with the colour red in them.

This is another Lord Peter Wimsey novel and it is set in Galloway, Scotland. He is having a bit of a holiday, in this area there is an artist colony and one of then Sandy Campbell is found dead in a stream with a half finished painting on his easel. At first it may look like an accidental death, but then Lord Peter looks around and decides there may be more to this than meets the eye. Sure enough it turns out the artist has been murdered, now Lord Peter helps out unoffically with the local police. There are 6 other artists and they have all become a suspect now, Lord Peter goes to see them all and the other characters in a friendly way to try to see if he can find out some information which can help the police.

Unfortunately all the suspects in one way or another did not like the deceased man, and are behaving in strange ways. Through a reconstruction of the murder with the help of the all the police involved and some of the suspects too, Lord Peter discovers who did the deed.

Some of the language is written in Scots which even for myself was hard to understand, but I did like that she did this. Also there is a lot of information about trains timetables which was all a bit confusing for myself.

This is only my 3rd Wimsey novel, I think I need to read more of them to see how I feel about this character.

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