Friday, 17 March 2017

365 Photo Challenge Days 130 to 139

Day 130: Wednesday 15th Feb - Returning to Zurich from Copenhagen

Day 131: Thursday 16th Feb - This is on the main station in Zurich

Day 132: Friday 17th Feb - Along the Limmat in Zurich

Day 133: Saturday18th Feb - Mighty lion

Day 134: Sunday 19th Feb - getting ready for a jaunt on the lake

Day 135: Monday 20th Feb - Back in the limelight!

Day 136: Tuesday 21st Feb - Zurich tram stop

Day 137: Wednesday 22nd Feb - Fancy dress shop in Horgen

Day 138: Thursday 23rd Feb - Sleeping Beauty!

Day 139: Friday 25th Feb - Gin!
It has been a lovely week weather wise, Spring has arrived a little early but no complaints about that! This weekend will be busy, it is the Women`s March in Zurich tomorrow afternoon and I will be going along with Alessio. We plan to see the movie Kong Skull Island which Alessio really wants to see and on Sunday morning he possibly has a football match too. As long as the weather is good we will hopefully spend as much time outside!

What are your plans? Whatever they are, have a super weekend!

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