Tuesday, 6 June 2017

365 Photo Challenge Days 199 to 208

Day 199: Wednesday 26th April - View from Dubrovnik wall

Day 200: Thursday 27th April - Montenegro

Day 201: Friday 28th April - Dubrovnik through a square!

Day 202: Saturday 29th April - Preparing for race in Dubrovnik

Day 203: Sunday 30th May - Zurich early morning

Day 204: Monday 1st May - People being funny with the police

Day 205: Tuesday 2nd May - Painting bought in Dubrovnik

Day 206: Wednesday 3rd May - Much needed glass of wine

Day 207: Thursday 4th May - snack for the kids at work

Day 208: Friday 5th May - fresh yummy salad

I had a fab weekend in Helsinki with my friends Riikka and Hannah, I will post all about it another time. Now it was time to catch up with the photo challenge!

I am glad to have a quietish weekend, Alessio may have a football match on Saturday and has a birthday party to go to on Sunday. So he is busy!

Have a great week!

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