Monday, 19 June 2017

365 Photo Challenge Days 209 to 219

Day 209: Saturday 6th May - Walking in Zurich

Day 210: Sunday 7th May - Magnets on my fridge

Day 211: Monday 8th May - A book that I could not get into!

Day 212: Tuesday 9th May - Moon poking through the trees

Day 213: Wednesday 10th May - Walking on the Au peninsula

Day 214: Thursday 11th May - Ideas for the Paris trip!

Day 215: Friday 12th May - coffee and cake with Hannah and Katrina

Day 216: Saturday 13th May - Restaurant in Milan

Day 217: Sunday 14th May - Window shop in Milan

Day 218: Monday 15th May - Cress growing at work

Day 219: Tuesday 16th May - Mother`s Day presents from Alessio!
Time is just flying by and time to catch up on the photo challenge! I did so love my card and picture from Alessio!

This weekend was a busy one, I visited the Zurich Design Museum, there was an exhibition I wanted to see called Take a Holiday! I will do a small post about what I saw in the exhibition later, but it finishes on the 9th July if you are interested!

In the evening I went to the open air opera which was being shown on a large screen outside the Opera House. The opera they were showing was called A Masked Ball and this year we were lucky with the weather. A very enjoyable evening.

On Sunday I met up with friends Hannah and Markus at the lake for a few hours. We had a good chat, with food and drinks and sitting in the shade!

Hope you all had a great weekend!

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