Monday, 11 December 2017

365 Photo Challenge Days 339 to 350

Day 339: Tuesday 12th September - Not sure where this is now!

Day 340: Wednesday 13th Sept - Yellow week in my class

Day 341: Thursday 14th Sept - Goodbye meal with my parents

Day 342: Friday 15th Sept - Made by my father

Day 343: Saturday 16th Sept - Dinner time!

Day 344: Sunday 17th Sept - Junker Farm visit

Day 345: Monday 18th Sept - Gourds as deco

Day 346: Tuesday 19th Sept - Interesting book!

Day 347: Wednesday 20th Sept - Green week in my class

Day 348: Thursday 21st Sept - New flower planted!

Day 349: Friday 22nd Sept - Sleeping beauty!

Day 350: Saturday 23rd Sept - Evening meal out with the ladies

So this is the penultimate post for the 365 photo challenge and thank God I say and probably you too!! Since then I have only taken pics when I was away in October and I am glad to have a rest from taking photos to be honest.

The snow came at the weekend and Alessio had fun on Sunday morning playing in the garden with some friends. I made a baileys tiramisu on Sunday with help from Alessio to take to a friend`s home for afternoon eating! I must say it was quite tasty!

There is not much happening during this week, which I am quite happy about. Last week we saw the musical Wicked and we both really enjoyed it very much. I would recommend it!

Friday, 8 December 2017

Geneva Giant Marionettes Parade

At the beginning of October Alessio and I along with my friend Arlene visited Geneva to see the Giant marionettes parade. I had never heard of this before and only read about it online and thought it would be interesting to visit. Lucky for us we were able to get tickets for only 45 francs, as it would have been quite costly to go to Geneva.

Once we arrived we wondered around the city as the second half of the parade did not begin until around 4pm. Once it started there was lots of music and loud sounds it took ages for the giant puppets to get to our place. There was only two giant puppets, one was a 8m 83yrs old grandmother and the other her 6m tall grand-daughter. Both were really huge and were transported on a huge bed, for most of the time.

On the whole event it was something interesting to see once but would not go to see again, but it is always nice to see Geneva though and it was a nice day too.

This weekend we will go to see the movie Justice League and then visit the Christmas market at Bellevue for some dinner. Alessio has to have his favorite food which is a Luma burger and of course hot orange punch!

Have a great weekend!

Monday, 27 November 2017

Ypres, Belgium

In October we spent one week in Belgium and for one day we went on a tour of the WWI memorials, sights and museums in the Ypres Salient. The visit to Ypres itself was at the end of the tour and we did not have a lot of time in the town.

We visited the museum In Flanders Field which was a lovely museum but we only had one hour and this museum needs at least 2/3 hours or more to fully enjoy it.

Finally we visited the Menin Gate which is quite an amazing memorial and it has the names of over 54,600 British and Commonwealth men who have no known grave, killed in the Ypres Salient. The arch was designed by British architect Reginal Blomfield in 1921. At 8pm every evening volunteers buglers from the fire brigade sound the "Last Post" this is a moving tribute to the fallen men for their courage and sacrifice in defense of their town.

We did not see this as we had already left but I would have definitely liked to have experienced this event.

The whole tour was really amazing and very moving, will do another post with all the other sights we saw and visited.

Have a good week!

Friday, 24 November 2017

365 Photo Challenge Days 328 to 338

Day 328: Friday 1st September - Picture I bought in Scotland

Day 329: Saturday 2nd Sep - Alessio at Park in Green

Day 330: Sunday 3rd Sep - Alessio`s 11th Birthday!

Day 331: Monday 4th Sep - Cupcakes for Alessio by Hannah

Day 332: Tuesday 5th Sep - Flowers to cheer up the flat

Day 333: Wednesday 6th Sep - At the badi Kilchberg for Alessio`s party

Day 334: Thursday 7th Sep - Good book

Day 335: Friday 8th Sep - Evening sky

Day 336: Saturday 9th Sep - Staff training day in forest

Day 337: Sunday 10th Sep - Museum in Zurich

Day 338: Monday 11th Sep - Church in Fribourg

The Christmas lights went on yesterday evening here in Zurich, they are called Lucy and that means the Christmas markets are opened. Tomorrow Alessio and I will go to the food market at Bellevue, as there is his favorite burger. It is called a Luma burger and hopefully it will be there as he will be disappointed!!

We will also go and see Paddington 2 as he it liked the first one and it looks quite good. On Sunday it is the Santa Clause parade and he wants to go to that, I suppose in a couple of years he will not be interested in these pre Christmas events as he will be a teenager! So best to enjoy them as long as possible!!

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Jucker Farm/Bächlihof Visit

Alessio and I visited Jucker Farm with his friend Josiah in September and we had as usual a great day. Alessio and Josiah played on the giant haystack for a while and then they went around the maze too. I wondered around the farm and bought gourds for the house. I do like to see the different types and fantastic colours. We also had some yummy food, I do like the pumpkin soup there. They have a great selection of desserts, which I had to take some home of course.

In October I went to Bächlihof farm with the kids from my work. They always have a great time, again with the haystack and the play area too. The theme this year was forest animals and they were as usual just amazing.

This weekend at Jucker farm it is the Christmas market, I have been twice and it is always nice. Most of the Christmas markets will be opened this weekend, so we will go to the one at Bellevue as Alessio is desperate to have a Luma Burger!