Monday, 22 May 2017

365 Photo Challenge Days 188 to 198

Day 188: Saturday 15th April - View from the Ferris wheel

Day 189: Sunday 16th April - Horgen train station

Day 190: Monday 17th April - Lake Zurich

Day 191: Tuesday 18th April - Nature!

Day 192: Wednesday 19th April - Started to get a sore throat

Day 193: Thursday 20th April - Poster at home

Day 194: Friday 21st April - Warm day in Zurich

Day 195: Saturday 22nd April - Colourful trainers

Day 196: Sunday 23rd April - Walking around Zurich saw this

Day 197: Monday 24th April - Dubrovnik, Croatia

Day 198: Tuesday 25th April - Dubrovnik again

Time to catch up on the photo challenge, it certainly is a challenge having to make sure you have taken a photo each day.

Hope you all had a great weekend! I went to the birthday party of a work colleague on Saturday evening and we all had good fun. On Sunday I went to see the film King Arthur: Legend of the Sword, I thought it was quite good!

It is a short week as Thursday is a day off for most people as it is Ascension and since I don`t work Fridays that means a long weekend. Alessio and I are going to Paris, I love this city!

Have a great week!

Friday, 19 May 2017

Fun at the Fair!

Picking a prize!

It probably was a bit boring for him!

During Easter I took Alessio to the small fun fair at Bürliplatz, we intended to go on Good Friday but it was closed. So we went Saturday evening instead, there was not too much to do but we stayed for a while. First we went on the Ferris wheel and got great views of Lake Zurich! Alessio tried his luck and won a blue and yellow ball, at these stalls where you need to knock down tins by throwing small balls. He did not fancy any of the other rides, but went on the trampoline about 7 times though!

Have a lovely weekend!

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Vertical Forest in Milan!

I really love this amazing looking building in Milan dubbed the vertical forest due to the amount of trees everywhere. They are a pair of residential towers, designed by Boeri Studio, with input from horticulturalists and botanists. Lucky for me they were near to our hotel so I could gaze at them whenever we took the metro into the city. I would have loved to have gone much nearer and seen the grounds and not to mention see what each flat looked like inside!

Friday, 12 May 2017

365 Photo Challenge Days 178 to 187

Day 178: Wed 5th April - I really enjoyed this book

Day 179: Thursday 6th April - Chocolate factory

Day 180: Friday 7th April - Breakfast in Manor

Day 181: Saturday 8th April - Drinks with friends

Day 182: Sunday 9th April - Dinnertime!

Day 183: Monday 10th April - Farm in Au

Day 184: Tuesday 11th April - Made by Alessio

Day 185: Wednesday 12th April - Beautiful afternoon

Day 186: Thursday 13th April - My new obsession

Day 187: Friday 14th April - Easter window deco in Zurich

This weekend Alessio and I are going to Milan, it has been 5 years since I last visited Italy and God only knows how long since I was in Milan.

I am quite excited about it, we hope to visit the canal area and the Fondation Prada. I guess we will go the centre and see the famous Cathedral too!

Anyway have a great weekend, whatever you all do!

Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Balconies of Barcelona!

In January Alessio and I visited Barcelona for 4 days, we had a great time! We did visit and see a few things but one of the things I really enjoyed doing was walking around this great city.  Just being able to explore some areas and look at the buildings and in this case the balconies was fun!

Between the years of 12 to 15 I lived in Spain with my parents and for one of those year we lived in Barcelona. We then moved to Sitges down the coast not that far away. We lived quite near to La Sagrada Familia in a street called Calle Valencia. I wanted to go and see the flat where we lived, but could not remember the name of the other street. I asked my father and he mentioned a street which he thought it was. So we walked to the junction where both streets meet and I took a photo of the building which I think it was (the second last photo). When we lived there, underneath our flat was a bar and a kiosk. Of course these places are no longer there but hopefully I got the right place and I saw our old flat!

This weekend we are off to Milan with some other people, so looking forward to that!

Saturday, 6 May 2017

Isle of Mull

Duart Castle, seen from the ferry

Calgary Bay

Scenery on the way to Iona

Ardmeanach penisula

This could be Ben More (not sure though)

Last year we went on a four day trip to the Isle of Mull, which is the second largest island of the Inner Hebrides and Scotland`s fourth largest Island. The population of the island is around 2,800 which does increase during the summer months with tourists.

We were staying in Tobermory, which is the capital of the island and is a very colorful town! We visited Calgary Bay, which is 12 miles from Tobermory.  A Colonel James Macleod from the North -West Mounted police who was a summer guest at Calgary House in 1876, returned to Canada and suggested the name for Fort Calgary which give rise to the city of Calgary, Alberta. The beach has lovely sand and the area is surrounded by steep hills, Alessio and my father did a bit of paddling and shell collecting. Nearby there is a lovely arts and craft cafe where we stopped to sample their delights!

We also visited the island of Iona and to get there we passed more amazing landscape, barren, sparse and hills. The road took us pass Loch Scridain, which is the largest sea loch on the island and gave us more fantastic views, such as the Ardmeanach penisula. On the way back we stopped at Pennyghael, a hamlet for coffee and cake. To return to Tobermory we took a different road back which was a bit hair-raising at times, as they are single road tracks!We got views of the island of Ulva which was breathtaking. Finally we made it to Tobermory!

This summer we will be visiting some more Scottish islands Lewis and Harris, plus North and South Uist! Definitely looking forward to see more of my homeland!