Saturday, 18 November 2017

Baby Shower Fun!

At the beginning of October Hannah and myself hosted a baby shower for our fabulous and gorgeous friend Katrina. As you can see from the colours that Katrina is having a little girl and so it was pink, pink and more pink.

All our lovely friends came with food and drinks to my place and it was such a lovely day that we were able to sit outside.

Hannah made her delicious cup cakes as usual (if you need any cupcakes for any occasion please contact her and Riikka made the fab nappy cake for Katrina.

We had a few activities to do but we were having just a great time talking about baby stuff that we only managed two of them. We had bought a number of white bodies and everyone decorated and wrote something on each of them! We also played parcel the parcel, with one small present in between the layers of newspaper for each person.

So thanks to everyone that came and of course to Hannah who did most of the work in buying all the stuff. Lastly to Katrina (who i saw today as it happens by accident) it is not long now. Looking forward to meet this little girl!

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

October Reading List

October has been and went and I managed to read 6 books, not too bad! Here is the list:

The Day is Dark by Yrsa Sigurdardottir, I have read a few of her books and have liked them all and this is no exception. Plus it was set on Greenland which I find very interesting. Again it features Thora Gudmundsdottir, a lawyer who goes to Greenland with a bunch of other people to investigate some serious crime.

The Miniaturist by Jesse Burton, set in Amsterdam in 1686, Nella Oortman arrives in the city newly married. The review in the link is not the best but I did enjoy it!

Rush Oh by Shirley Barrett, this is tale of whaling at the beginning of the 20th century in Australia. Told by the eldest daughter and all the happenings of the family as they try to survive through killing whales. As I do not like to hear of whale killing I thought it would be a hard book to get through but it was ok.

Murder in the Marais by Cara Black, this is the first in the series with French/American PI Aimeé Leduc. I liked it because it is set in Paris but I would read more of the series too.

Dark Suits and Sad Songs by Denzil Meryrick, third in the series of DCI Daley and his team investigating murders.

The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society by Mary Ann Shaffer and Annie Barrows, this is set during the WW2 and also just after the end of the war. Writer Juliet Ashton correspond with the people of Guernsey about their life on the island during the occupation by the Germans. I loved this book and have seen it is to be made into a movie too!

Here are a few links to check out!

If you are a fan of John Green then you will be happy with his new book Turtles All the Way Down

Philip Pullman has a new book out, I am just reading His Dark Materials trilogy and am loving it. Here is the man himself answering questions.

The amount of plastics we use is just terrible and now it has been found in sea creatures in the remotest places on Earth.

I am a big fan of Instagram, so here are some pics!

Last of all, while we were away last month on holiday we visited the city of Rotterdam and one of the places I wanted to see were the fantastic Cubic Houses. I loved them and you can even see inside one too! If you happen to be in Rotterdam or are going definitely visit them!!

Have a good rest of the week!!

Monday, 13 November 2017

Diamond League Athletics 2017

Back in August Alessio and I went to the Diamond League Athletics Night in the Letzigrund, this was our second time and it was again really great! Last time we saw Usain Bolt run and this time we saw Mo Farah!

Our seats were not the best this time, we were seated behind the starting line and last time we were at the finishing line. We saw the pole vault quite good, but the other events were too far away to see, apart from on the large screen.

I like the races the best and how the whole stadium really cheers on the runners. Just before the starter gun it is so silent you could hear a pin drop!

At the end there was a firework show and Amy Macdonald sang a few songs, which was a bonus as I have not seen her live before!

Have a good start to the week!

Thursday, 9 November 2017

365 Photo Challenge Days 312 to 327

Day 312: Wednesday 16th August - Dundee city centre

Day 313: Thursday 17th August - St.Andrews East sands

Day 314: Friday 18th August - Three oil rigs in the North Sea

Day 315: Saturday 19th August - Flying back to Zurich

Day 316: Sunday 20th August - Shells and stones from Scotland

Day 317: Monday 21st August - Gift from parents in my class

Day 318: Tuesday 22nd August - Goodbye cards from the kids

Day 319: Wednesday 23rd August - Lovely flowers

Day 320: Thursday 24th August - Diamond League Night

Day 321: Friday 25th August - Bought in Scotland

Day 322: Saturday 26th August - Tram in Zurich

Day 323: Sunday 27th August - Travel mag

Day 324: Monday 28th August - More travel mags

Day 325: Tuesday 29th August - View Lake Zurich

Day 326: Wednesday 30th August - Half moon

Day 327: Thursday 31st August - Jelly babies my favorite

So yes it is finished this challenge, I started it on the 8th October last year so maybe just 3 more posts to come.

Tomorrow I will get my haircut, on Saturday Alessio and I will go to see the new Thor movie and on Saturday evening going out!

Have a good weekend!

Friday, 3 November 2017

Beach Combing in the Outer Hebrides!

Beach on North Uist

Beach on South Uist

Isle of Eriskay

While we were in Scotland we had a week in the Outer Hebrides and as you can imagine we saw lots of beaches. We tried to stop as often as possible as the scenery was just beautiful, it was not always possible.

The first five photos are from a beach on North Uist, we had a few places which we wanted to stop and explore. This beach was just lovely and really long, there was hardly anyone about so we had it all to ourselves. We walked along the beach collecting bits and bobs and then we walked back through the machair and carried on to South Uist.

The next five photos are from South Uist and the beach at our last hotel which was called the Polochar Inn. Again it was an amazing beach and we saw lots of interesting things on the beach. Alessio and my father collected shells and rocks from all the beaches that we stopped at, so we have got quite a collection. By the way I would recommend the Inn it was really lovely.

Finally the last four photos are from the Island of Eriskay, on that day it was really cold and rainy but it did not stop us, us being hardy Scots! Again we collected our shells and stones plus Alessio was contemplating life a bit at the waters edge!